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The Kissy Bits #7 – Writing Discipline and Writing Commitment

19. January 2006

Writing Discipline

– Just 100 words a day will get you there?
– Most writers hate writing but love having written.
– Work out your writing muscles each and every day.
– Why can’t we do it?
– What works for you?
– My to-do list

Writing Commitment

– Don’t quit your day job? What day job?
– You only get out what you put in
– How much does writing figure in your life?
– How many novels do you want to write?
– Writing time + editing time = finished MS
– are you an XYZ with a writing hobby or a writer with a second job?

Next week: The Chick Lit show!

Listen to the show

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  1. JRMurdock permalink
    20. January 2006 12:26 am

    Hey Kiki,

    Great show. I got home from work and there it was waiting for me.

    I love the analogy comparing a writer to a golfer. Anyther way to look at it is like a weight lifter. You don’t start out lifting 100 pounds, you start out with 10 pounds and work your way up to 100 pounds.

    It’s easy for a starting out writer to get anxious to get started and leap in and blast out 10000 words and then peter out and wonder what happened. It takes time and patience to get to the point where you can write many words per day.

    Myself, I’m not a daily writer. I write when the mood hits, but when it does, I can write 8000-9000 words in a sitting.

    The biggest thing for a starting writer (or a writer’s blocked writer) is to work up to a pace that fits your personality and lifestyle. If something doesn’t work, don’t assume you can’t do it, try something else until you find something that does work.

    As you said, build a list (be it daily or weekly) and check items off as you go. It’s amazing how fast you see items get checked off.

    Oh, and Kiki, you asked for someone that writes 100 words per day every day, I don’t, but I’ve averaged 200,000 words a year for the past three years. I hope to see more of those words in print this year. We’ll see. 🙂

    Pod On!

  2. Kiki permalink
    20. January 2006 1:57 am

    Hey JR.
    I know plenty of people that put out plenty of words a year (and your output is definitely up there with *very impressive*). But I don’t know anyone who can amange every single day. So I just think it’s time to look at this goal realistically.

    I really like your weight lifter analogy, too. It’s a different way of looking at working out your writing muscles.

    Thanks for listening!

  3. Cesar Torres permalink
    27. January 2006 4:39 pm

    Kiki! You are a talented budding podcasting superstar! I really enjoy your podcast, even though I do not write romance fiction. It is always useful to me in some way. I would love to do a Q&A with you on my blog, I cannot find contact information on your site. Can you please contact me and let me know if you would be up for an interview on my blog? I write about topics for writers and publishers. Pretty please? You can contact me through the contact page of my blog. Hope to hear from you.


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