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Dreaded Synopsis

12. March 2006

It’s one of those accepted facts of the fiction writer that synopses are a bad thing. A lot of people agonise about them to no avail.
I’m missing something here though. I’m not saying I write brilliant or even good synopses, but I don’t stress about them any more than about writing a good chapter 7, say, or a satisfying ending (probably less than the latter).
I believe that a good synopsis grows out of a good story. If you’re excirted and sure about your tale, the synopsis isn’t so hard.

Maybe I’m just strange, but I never agonise about length (my basic, “natural” synopsis length seems to be about 2 pages).

Having said that, I might suck much worse than I thought I did. I don’t have enough rejections to my name. So I entered the Query Letter & Synopsis contest of RWA, which is the fasts way to get three rejections for three letters. I’m looking forward to the feedback.

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