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Writing Future

11. April 2006

Due to more PR delays, I find myself with much more writing time than expected. But it’s drawing to a close, and it’s time to knuckle down before Real Life ™ tries to invade.
I failed Everyday Life at uni. Says so much, doesn’t it?

So here’s my plan:

End of this week (aka my birthday):

* first draft of Category MS2 typed up

* Chicklit MS1 edited on paper

* new project outlined (Category MS3)

End of next week (aka Anzac Day):

* type up changes for Chicklit MS1

* write query letter for said Chicklit & compile list of agents

* print Cat MS2 for editing

* start Cat MS3

End of the following week (aka End of the Month):

* send out Chicklit MS1 to agents

* edit Cat MS2 on paper

* finish first draft of Cat MS3

tentative plan for May (depending how everything develops visa-wise etc):

* start Chicklit MS2

* run Cat MS2 through crit group

* edit CatMS3

* find new project (Category MS4)

Hey, at least you can’t call me lazy with a plan like that! And if you work hard, the rewards will come. I need to get as much stuff as far into editability as possible. Without pages written, there’s nothing to edit. Without an edited MS, you can’t shop your work around. Without shopping around, you can’t get published. if you can’t get published, you have to work for a living!
There’s motivation.

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