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Writers groups?

30. April 2006

It seems a lot of different writers have a lot of different opinions about working together with each other. Some genre writers tend to bond together quite naturally, while others… don’t.

I’ve yet to meet a more supportive bunch than the lovely down under romance writers (RWAus/RWNZ). I have yet to see a bitching match or slugfest or even a single troll on either of their e-loops. Even the critique group (where I’ve been woefully inactive lately) is always friendly and supportive (which is not to say easy-going and happy-happy we-love-yous).
It’s a very mature mindset in a lot of ways and the support is genuine and helpful.

In contrast, all chick lit groups I belong to have a much higher level of snark and pettiness to them. maybe it’s the writing that draws a certain kind of character, but it seems that amongst chick lit writers, bad emotions are more rampant. there is more jealousy, cat fighting and name calling. Advice and arguments get taken out of context and get out of hand, with basically one woman telling another to just shut up/stop putting in her opinion. It makes me wonder.

Do you belong to a group of writers (not a pesonal small group but, say, a special interest e-loop/mailing list/etc)? What’s the overall vibe there? How are discussions held? How are other people’s successes received? is there a difference between successes from within the group in contrast to outside? is there a lot of lively discussion? How snarky/cynical does it get?

If you belong to more than one group, how do they compare?

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