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Keeping busy

9. May 2006

I’m doing another BIAW with RWAus this week (don’t you love acronyms?), and it’s going well. of course it means pretty much nothing else gets done, but hey, that’s the beauty of it. You just writ, write, then write some more.
I’m hoping to write a whole (short) first draft in this week, and it looks like I might juuuust be able to do it. I don’t writ on weekends, so it’s really a BIAMon-FriW, but hey, nothing like a tight challenge. And I might do *some* wqriting on Sunday. Saturday, I’ll be out all day doing Mother’s Day things (not with my mum. Our family doesn’t believe in Mother’s Day as a good thing. What with its Nazi heritage and all).

I’ve also been working on my pitches, and it’s been ahrd going. But on the plus side, reading about pitching (mainly in the context of conferences) has made me really reeeaally excited about the conference in August. I can’t wait to talk to eople about my various books! Too exciting. I’ve got almost exactly another week to fine-tune all my pitches into pithy few-liners. I’m getting there. I’ve always wanted to be an ad copy writer. And I love my works.

So there.

Now, back to the writing!

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