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brain fry

29. May 2006

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and let me assure you, it hurts. ^_^
With the Blaze pitch coming up, I’m just a big bundle of chocolate-coated nerves. And did anyone say ‘female problems’? Lalalalalala. not fun.

I’m sort of only half sleeping at the moment, and that’s tiring me out even more. My characters, stories and general writing admin keep my brain acive at night. it’s sort of like day dreaming, only at night, and less fun. Well, unless one of my gorgeous heroes makes an appearance, of course.

In general, I seem to have been giving my analytical side of the brain a strong workout. After the BIAW of using only the creative side (that one didn’t get sore, just hungry. Hmmm….), I was due a good hard editing week. And I’m behind my editing already. Gah! I didn’t do any editing on the weekend for my current WIP, instead I researched, studied and practiced pitches and synopses. I never studied this relentlessly at uni (which explains my marks, I suppose…).

I’ve spent all morning trailing the Blaze boards, digging for pearls and gems (yes, I know you can’t dig for pearls, bear with me here). But the more I know, the more I’m afraid I just won’t measure up. Oh well. At least it’s only a week and a bit. Then I’ll know more. And then I can say I pitched to a ral editor. Whee!
Great prep work for the conference. Which is paid for. And I’ve got a room with the lovely (if unknown to me safe for a few emails) Rhonda. Looking forward to it all!

But first, bring on the energy drink.

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