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Have you seen her?

16. June 2006

The daughter of a fellow RWA member is missing.
Have a look at her web site:

It looks like she ran away. Of course her mum’s worried sick, so yeah, if you happen to be in that general area, keep an eye out.

Me, I wouldn’t recognise her if she stood right in front of me.

These sort of things always remind me of a TV segment I saw once where they had this giant billboard with a mugshot saying “Wanted for something-or-other”.
The reporter stopped people in teh street asking them whether they thought this sort of campaign would be helpful. Everyone they showed said yes. Then he would ask them whether they think they would recognise this person after seeing the billboard. Again, people said yes. Not a single one noticved that the shot was actually of the reporter (and it wasn’t done up or old or anything either. It was a recent, normal shot).

Makes you think? Probably not.

In lighter news, I went shopping with aussielung today, and it was great fun. We bought all her gear for our upcoming snow tri, and I have a new hat! Whee!
I hope we get some decent snow. It’s *supposed* to be a great season, so… make it snow!

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