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19. June 2006

I don’t think Saturday could have been any better if it had had Johnny Depp covered in chocolate. Okay, so I lie, but it was a pretty good day nonetheless.
Not only did I send out my first ever submission with REQUESTED MATERIAL (wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!), but by buying a white fluffy hat from my favourite outdoors equipment place, we got entered into a raffle – and won one-day lift tickets to Buller!
I never win anything. Well, I didn’t win this time either (Vic did), but it was *my* hat that got us the tickets. It shall henceforth be known as The Lucky White Hat. Also, it is very fluffy.

And if that didn’t qualify as an awesome day, we also went birthday-bowling with a friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year because she’s teaching out in Wodonga (which is about an hour’s drive past nowhere as far as I can establish). Then we had steak and watched the Da Vinci Code. Which turned out to be a lot better than everybody claimed. I liked it. So there! =P

Sunday, we didn’t do much apart from play video games, cook and clean. And now I’m ready and motivated to tackle the week with lots of productive … something.

I’m going to record a new Kissy Bits tomorrow, and today will be dedicated to some Dramatica work. I’ve already written 800 new words for the WIP that’s going nowhere (I’m just finishing until I have time to start The Next Thing properly).
I *might* also get round to doing a first test recording of episode one of my podiobook. As soon as I get the title right.

It’s a great life.

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