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20. June 2006

I need to write more.
I’ve spent so much time editing and re-editing and thinking about how to edit, I’ve forgotten the most important part about writing: to create new material.
I mean, it’s a bit of a no-no to submit multiple manuscripts to M&B/Harlequin, so I’ve retty much filled my spots there. I can see and understand their reasoning behind this, and I’m happy to comply. Especially since Lucky Charmed should come back soon now.

But since I’ve taken my only Single Title to date off the shopping market for now, that leaves me with nothing much to enter into things like contests and the like!
And good thing, too, since this one wasn’t going anywhere. =P

But while cming up with an idea for a category-length book is easy, I find it much harder to get stuck back into the chick lit world. All the doomsday naysayers might be getting to me. I just don’t know what stories I want to tell here!
As always, there is only one solution. Shut up and write!

I’ve been looking back over my readings for the last year and a half (which basically chronicles my delving into chick lit and romance) thanks to my shiny LibraryThing. Only a year and a half. It feels longer somehow… I suppose for the time I’ve been writing, I’ve been productive enough. Most writes take an average of five years to get anywhere, it seems, but that still seems to be between 3 and 7 manuscripts.

Patience. Must remember to remain patient. And write more. ^_^

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