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The pain of covers

20. June 2006

There are quite a few blogs out there that specialise in poking gentle (and not-so-gentle) fun at the quality of book covers. I love those. A lot of book covers are bloody awful, from the classic fabio clinch to CGed alienoids.

But someone angered the Changeling Horde, and they came stampeding. Kids, play nice, will you? The covers really *are* aweful (well, many of them at any rate), but even if you love your covers, what’s the point in bitching back?
Instead, take heed. These are your readers. You know. The people that will give you money so you can keep saying you make up stuff for a living?
If they don’t like your covers, and if that will stop them from buying your books, you don’t want to attack them. it’s not their fault your covers are ugly.

Then the owner of Changeling Press (who has a pseudonym, for some reason) steps in saying the blogger can’t use the cover art without permission cause it’s copyrighted. Last time I checked up on copyright, ‘fair use’ included reviews, but hey, what would I know?

But the point of this post is really a long, angry rant by another reader. If you’re a writer, you should read it in its entirety. And think about it. Whether you agree with her opinion or not, let’s face it. We write for our readers. And I’d rather write to please than just for my own private pleasure (I do that sort of writing somewhere else, lol).

It’s a business relationship. Our readers don’t owe us anything. They pay for a service we provide. We are the ones owing them. Sure, by choosing what and how we write, we have some sort of influence over who should and shouldn’t read our books, but at the end of the day, readers decide with their wallets.

If you don’t want those readers, I’m sure that’s easily arranged. And I’ll happily take those sales off your back.

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