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21. June 2006

Had to get up waaaay too early this morning, and I’ve been cold all day. Cold feet = one unhappy writer.
But I started my new book anyway, and it makes me feel better. She’s a chef, and I’ll have to do lots and lots of delicious research for her! Oh, the hardship.

I’m hoping to have this book finished in time to pitch it at the RWA conference in August. We’ll see how that goes.

I wrote up notes for a new Kissy Bits episode, so I’ll record that today. not sure whether I’ll edit it today or tomorrow, but hey, it’s coming! It’s all good.

In non-writing news, almost everybody has given me the money for the ski trip, so hooray for us! They forecast snow for this weekend, so hopefully it’ll be acceptable cover for us next week. ^_^

Now I think I’ll just sit in front of the heater and do some more revisions for my podiobook.
Ooh, wanna see the cover? Too bad, here it is anyway.
Snowploughing Queen cover

Yeah, well. I’m excited. My first ever cover. ^_- recording starts next week, and I even managed to con, errh, ask my friend to volunteer both his microphone and sound skills.

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