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The ‘dreaded’ synopsis

21. June 2006

Why do writers hate their synopses so much? Everywhere I look, there is talk of the “dreaded” synopsis, or ‘suckopsis’, as one fellow aspiring Blaze babe put it.
Maybe I’m a freak, but I enjoy distilling my story down to its very essence. Like a good stock, the more time you take to extract all the water and other miscellaneous items, the more dense and flavourful the whole will become.
And the shorter the synopsis, the better. The one time I struggled was when I had to make mine 5-8 pages (I made it six). I basically took my two-page synopsis and fluffed it up. not a good feeling.

A lot of writers say “Well, it’s always easier to add than to substract”. I’m the other way around. Maybe that’s why I usually come in at the bottom end of the word count bracket?

Not that my writing is tight and economical because of this, mind you. But I dread lengthy descriptions and waffling so much, I want to err on the side of caution.
Or it might just be my TV-honed attention span, who knows?

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