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My first ever rejection

3. July 2006

I feel like a real writer now. Today, I got my first ever rejection letter for my first shot at category. I had sent the MS out in late December because I just couldn’t figure out how to improve it. I knew it was a long shot, but I just wanted to have submitted something.
I have learned heaps in the meantime (and revised the baby a good deal).

So I was pleased beyond means to find not a form rejection in my mail today, but a personalised rejection from senior editor Linda Fildew. Her feedback waqs very encouraging, and I think I understand what she is getting at. This was part of the opening paragraph:

You have a fresh, fluent style of writing and have created the mood of your hero and heroine’s office environment well. Our concern is that the two main characters would not easily find sympathy with our particular readership.

I know what they mean about the hero and heroine needing to be more sympathetic, but at the time, my writing wasn’t good enough for my characters. I still love th story and will come back to it some day (posspibly after finishing the first draft for my next project).

And while they didn’t ask me to submit something else some time, they also didn’t say to go away. So I’ll be sending them something else in the near future.

To celebrate, I bought myself a small box of Guylian chocolates. I’m so proud!

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