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5. July 2006

I wasted away a perfect afternoon yesterday putting up very important distractions on the wall next to my computer. I now have pictures of the couples in my present and future stories (apart from Minako and Jamie, who I must have misplaced somewhere!), my chapter-by-chapter breakdowns for the Snowploughing Queen and burning Ice and a master plan for all books in progress so I can keep track of what I’m doing.
I feel very organised.

Got another chapter edit done today, and have a bit of Dramatica work to do after lunch. Things are progressing slowly but steadily, which is of course excellent.
I also got my confirmation of receipt by Kelly Brenton today. So Burning Ice is now officially in the waiting game. Yay! I hope they get a chance to look at it before the flood of new submissions post-Nationals.

But now for a much-deserved tea break. If I can remove the cat that seems to be attached to my lap. ^_^

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