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The downside of new genres

12. July 2006

I’ve worked a lot in category lately (my last three projects), and I’m finding it insanely difficult to wrap my head around Snow Queen. Every contest I’ve entered it into had either no feedback (and average marks) or a lot of “this doesn’t work for romance” type comments. So I have “This sucks” firmly planted in the back of my head as I’m re-reading chapter 1 for what feels like the tenth time. And I just can’t see what’s right or wrong about it. I read some old critique partner comments about my former first chapter, but they didn’t help me either (half of them loved it, the other half was confused/annoyed at it).
It’s time for some research, methinks. Time to re-read opening chapters from my own chick lit collection to figure out how these things work again.

One step forward, four steps back. And I’m scheduled to start recording with my friend on Monday! Gah!

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