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16. July 2006

Yes! I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday. Oooooh, so good!
I very rarely rant about mvies I’ve seen, mainly because most of them fall into the ‘Meh, alright’ category. but PIRATES!
Not just filled with handsomeness and ruggedness (and a flat-chested girl made out to have boobs was an added bonus), but the whole thing was just so bloody funny!
And what was with the film’s obsession with round things rolling around?

We were just laughing the whole time, except for the kraken bits (which I could have taken or left. Meh, tentacles with suckers). I don’t think our fellow movie-goers were as amused, but hey, who cares?

The only actor we didn’t enjoy was the head of the East India Company. I mean, come on, he was rather…blah? didn’t like his performance. Even Keira I’m-a-boy Knightley had more performance in her, and that’s saying something.

I’ve read some people cry RACE over this movie, but I didn’t find it nearly as offensive as those people made it out to be. Maybe I’m just easily pleased.

Of course I couldn’t quite turn the writer in me off, and despite all the hilarity, I found quite a few things that were exciting from a writer’s point of view, from the lovely underplayed jealousy towards the end all the way to the story arc.
I need to watch it again.
For the story, of course. Has nothing to do with the lead pirate at all…

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