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18. July 2006

Book in a week – Impossible? Insane? I’m loving it!
I finished my first draft today (it’s very short, just the core story), so I get to spend the rest of the week writing the fun chapters (like extended love scenes, mmmmh).
I’m trying to write this book in the “snowball” method. I can’t remember where I read about it, but it’s working well for me. basically, you start small, say, with the log line, then move on to a ara description, then build and build on top of that until all the details are added.

Well, I wrote wild first, and with these 15-oddk of roughage, I’ve peeled the core story out, and am snowballing it now.

Tomorrow, I’m doing some course about food safety so I can at least head one step closer to being qualified for ‘something’. Which means getting up really early to write before class. It’ll be a short one BIAW-wise. But hey, there’s two long train trips. I’ll still get my fill.

Oh, and DITD? Draft in two days. =P

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