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20. July 2006

Yesterday, I learned all about how to store food safely, how long it is safe to leave foods out, and other such relevant things which I need to know for my other job (which I have yet to get, of course).
So I spent two hours last night and two hours this morning cleaning my kitchen. It’s still filthy! It would never pass health inspection!
Even if I never use what I learned in a paying environment, it’s taught me heaps. Scary stuff.

On the writing front, today, I sort of cheated on my BIAW in that I didn’t write any actual fiction, but spent the day outlining on Dramatica. But I still pulled out 5,500 words relevant to the book in progress, so I am one happy Kiki.

Also, with no kung fu on Saturday, it looks like I will be writing through the weekend. I haven’t written on a weekend in ages.
Sometimes i’s nice when The Boy is away… as long as he comes back. ^_^

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