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Too many projects

20. July 2006

Juggling too many balls make me something-something.
Sleep is something that happens for 5 hours at night and two hours in the afternoon. The rest is writing time, research/reading and kung fu. It’s a full life. ^_^
Sizzle is coming along vey nicely, but the Snow Queen still won’t behave, swinging back and forth between “It’s chick lit, I want it to be this way” and “Higher concept, add more conflict, raise the stakes!”
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

On top of that, I have to buy a cake. Well, I was *supposed* to buy a cake, but because I don’t have money to buy one, I’ll bake one instead. Which means I have to go and buy flour and chocolate. And candles. Stupid candles.

But I have a steaming pot of chai, and three sets of characters screaming for attention (plus a bored cat). Life is good.

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