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22. July 2006

If I have to read one more Blaze with a woman who had a near death experience and has made a LIFE LIST as a result of this, I’m going to scream.
Bloody hell. It was the month of cancer/accidents and “things to do with my formerly boring life” (a lot of which include getting down and dirrrrty obviously). Sarah Mayberry. Cindi Myers. And now Mia Zachary. Should have grabbed the time travels after all. They probably didn’t have life lists.
Seriously. Get a life!
Is the only reason anyone would have a fulfilling sex life because a NDE has made them realise how vanilla they have been so far, so they make a list of sexual deviance they want to explore.

Can’t people just discover plain old lust on their own? Couldn’t they have been sexually active beforehand?
Seriously, it’s the Blaze equivalent of the quivering virgin.

What’s your category line pet peeve?
Also, recommend me a Blaze. One without a recovering patient and her life list of medium sexual fantasies.

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