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It’s the big’un

23. July 2006

It’s the event of the romance season. RWA‘s National Conference in Atlanta.
For all of us monetarily challenged, there is still Lucy Monroe’s party blog, and, of course, Blogging National. I see reading about their conference as a warm-up run to our own RWA down under one.
This is my first conference since I started getting a clue (I got that one at the LAST conference).

I sometimes hear people compare the rocky road to writing compared to an apprenticeship. Last year, I was still a bumbling newbie, a first-year apprentice. This year, I feel much more confident, not just in my abilities, but also in what I need to learn and where I want to go. Second-year apprentice.
Last year, I hadn’t even read a single category book, this year, I have sent two partials to two lines.

It’s a different road for each apprentice out there. Some stay first-years for longer due to time constraints. Others just do the short course and have a clue. But whatever your journey is, a conference is your intensive training course, whether it’s a week long like Nationals, or a long weekend on the Gold Coast (we win location-wise by a LONG mile).

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