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25. July 2006

I went to uni today to sit in on a lecture (which was okay) and write. I’m always mor productive if I make the effort to go out. I could feel myself fall into the “Oh, I could take a brak now’ pattern, but bcause I couldn’t, I didn’t.
I managed 15 pages today, and I’m vey proud of them. half of them is backstory, but it’s important backstory, and it was fun.
I might go in again on Thursday to write. Or I’ll turn off the internet. Bloody distractions tempting me. Like conference gossip!

In other news, I’m so behind podcasting it’s not funny. I don’t know how people that work full-time and have children get anything done. I can’t seem tog et anything done regardless! Clearly, I need better time management.

I know I had a more coherent point, but I’ve been pretty much talking non-stop since 4 in the afternoon, and my brain is frazzled.

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  1. Melissa Marsh permalink
    27. July 2006 8:29 pm

    I don’t know if I ever used a university lecture to write in – probably because I was a grad student and I HAD to take notes as a “good example” for everyone around me. 😉

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