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A new month means new possibilities

1. August 2006

Only one week to go until the RWA conference, ant it’s time to start planning.
I know which workshops I want to go to. I have dinner and lunch plans for most days. I have people to meet and even scored myself an editor appointment.
Now, the Australian RWA conference is vey different from the US one. it’s much, much smaller (hundreds rather than thousands of attendants). There is one editor and one agent available to pitch to. Is this an ideal situation? No. not at all.
Especially since the editor (Paula Eykelhof of the Harlequin Toronto office) isn’t involved in the line I’m targetting as far as I know. that makes things slightly more challenging. So I intend to go in with a prepared pitch, but mainly with a lot of questions. I want to come out knowing more than I did beforehand, and that’s my goal for this conference.

It’s okay. I’ll live submitting the normal way. It’s not like requested materials seem to go through any faster nowadays anyway, or maybe those are just the stories I hear. Whether I wait 6 or 8 months doesn’t bother me much. more time to write more stories.

Also, I’ll soon be running my first ever contest on my website! It’s going to be after the conference, and it’s going to be exciting. So watch this space for great things to happen soon!

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  1. JuliaMazal permalink
    4. August 2006 11:06 pm

    Have a great time and let us know how the conference goes!

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