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Conference roundup – Thursday

17. August 2006

Welcome to the second in a series of conference posts. The plan is to put one up every day for the rest of the week to give you my take on the biggest event in the Australian romance writers’ calendar.

Let’s start from the beginning.
I got there on Thursday. It was gorgeous and sunny, and I found my bus without too much of a problem (even though I had to cross a car park and a building site to get to my bus stop).
I then had quite a bit of time to look at the very scenic touristy place that the Gold Coast is. Very shiny, very pretty.

Got to the place where I was staying with Rhonda (having absolutely no idea who this Rhonda is, apart from my roomie). The concierge told me he was expecting me to be Japanese (because of my name). Uh-huh.
Got my key and went to our room where I found out that I had met Rhonda last year on the chocolate tour. Yay! No stranger!

With a whole afternoon to ourselves before we were due to meet our fellow e-listers for dinner, we decided to go shopping, together with Rhonda’s friend Rosina (isn’t that a great name?).

It took us forever to get to the shopping centre, but it was quite lovely., And I bought the most awesome boots! Whoo!

What a great start.

By the time we made it back to the hotel, it was about time to get ready and head out for dinner.
It was awesome to walk into the lobby and actually know faces (and a few names). Last year, the e-list dinner was very, very scary. This time, it was fun from the get-go.
I sat with some people I knew vaguely, and mostly people I didn’t (really) know, so the evening was fun. The food was great, too. It was nice to catch up with people and their various writing successes, and we talked at great lengths about our expectations for this conference. The buzz and energy was absolutely stunning.

After that, positively knackered and very exciting, we headed home to prepare ourselves for a ridiculously early start the next day.

Tomorrow: from registration to 5pm. A long day to open the conference.

Oh, and because everybody loves prizes, there will be a prize drawing at the end of the conference roundup for everybody who posted on ALL conference entries starting from today and answering at least one of the questions I’ll ask each day.
The prize? Well, we’ll see what I can come up with, but it’ll include books, chocolate, and other conference goodies. So stay tuned!

Today’s question:
If you’ve been to the conference, what was your impression of Thursday?
If you haven’t been to this one, do you try to get to your conference a day early? What’s your favourite thing to do before all the buzz starts?
If you haven’t been to a conference at all, what’s the biggest reason apart from money that’s stopping you?

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