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Conference roundup – Cocktail Party

19. August 2006

Friday evening was the fancy dress cocktail party. A roomful of hundreds of women dressed as anything from Marilyn Monroe to chilies, it was amazing fun. The theme was Golden Age of Cinema, and boy, did people party.
There were awards for best costumes, but unfortunately, my camera wasn’t really up for the atmospheric lighting. Which is a shame, because I love a good dress-up.

It was a very comfortable atmosphere, and the nibblies were excellent! I’m glad I didn’t have dinner, since the salmon roll parcels (with string!) were very neat. What can I say? I love food…

I must have talked to a million people, with lots of them coming up to me to chat (which is great, cause I always feel awkward sidling up to people who may or may not remember my face/name. I’m fine with strangers and people that *do* remember me).
What I always find astonishing is how little age matters at the end of the day. I chatted to people aged 22 to well over 70, and they were all amazingly lovely, witty, funny and just plain interesting. Great times.

We didn’t stay too long, fortunately, and when we headed home we were already excited about the ‘main’ conference. Saturday was going to be even livelier than Friday had been, with workshops and more attendees.

Today’s question:
What has been the best costume you ever had the opportunity to wear (links to photos will be extra appreciated!)

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