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You make a plan, then life happens.

23. August 2006

I fractured the metacarpal of digit five. Which means I cracked the bone on the blade of my palm. This is known also as a boxer’s fracture, and is an insanely silly thing to do.
Well, in and of itself, it’s not such a bad thing, but of course I figured I’d be fine as long as I was a bit careful and didn’t do too much heavy lifting.

Some medium lifting, a lot of writing and typing as well as some kung fu training (stop laughing) later, I’ve decided that okay, the pain wasn’t going to get any better from me pounding my hand into things, so maybe I should go and get a splint.
Now I’ve got this ugly beige monstrosity on my arm, and it’s not magically fixing anything.
I mean really, what’s the point in spending your week’s allowance on something containing steel, plastic and three kinds of astro fabric if your hand still can’t hack the typing?

I’m a one-handed typing monkey at the moment, and it’s annoying to say the least. With one hand, I can’t get words onto the screen fast enough, so I forget what I wanted to say.
And as for writing? Don’t make me laugh. I can hardly even hold a pen stable enough to draw a line, let alone write the three chapters I had to do today.

So after much deliberation and two panadols, I’ve decided to take today and tomorrow off. It sucks, but maybe the hand will heal and I’ll be able to catch up on the weekend.

Two weeks til deadline. Looks like no sleep for me during deadline week. Oh fun fun fun.

On the plus side, I might be able to make a dent in my huuuuuge TBR pile. It’s filled a whole shelf!

PS: I’m still going to training. Try and stop me!

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