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Three weeks to go, but only one hand

13. September 2006

I finally found both the working title and the opening chapter of my latest project. It was a hard start since I knew what happened in the middle, but not at the start or end (usually, I’m the other way around).
After half a dozen false starts, the scene jumped out fully formed, introducing a new character that I had never even thought of before. Those are the moments writers live for.

In other news, it’s three weeks until the RWA Emerald contest entries are due, and I’m trying to polish my partials. To call it slow going would be an offensively huge understatement.
You try writing legibly if you can’t hold a pen in your writing hand!

This week’s going to be busy in a lot of ways, so I’ll be out and about a lot, more thinking than writing, which is good. Looks like the last week of September is going to bring a few all-nighters to get the entries out. Exciting!

Now to figure out what I *can* do… (Hint: it’s *not* cleaning the house)

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