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I’d rather be writing

14. September 2006

Okay, okay. I was *supposed* to give my hand a rest. And I tried. I promise I did.

But with contest entries due and all these stories jumping up and down in my head clamoring for attention, I couldn’t *not* write!

I’ve rewritten one of my contest entries (basically moved chapters around, scratched some, rewrote 80% of the partial, the usual), and at word count today (it’s printing as I type this), it’s at almost 10k. Holy chocolate fudgesicle, that’s a lot of new words. And it’s all first draft.

So now I have to edit that (it’s also got a new, nifty title, yay!), edit the other three entries (they’re still a tad short), and write blurbs.

And I think I’ll have to do that with my feet, cause my hands are killing me! Great, one’s broken, the other one’s developing RSI. I’m such a cripple.

Just call me the handless drama queen. If anyone needs me, I’ll be reading on the couch while the awful gardener plays the Chainsaw Massacre outside my window. Again. how often can one bush need cutting anyway?

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