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29. September 2006

I’ve just sent off my entries for the RWA Emerald competition. Two categories and one single title. Not bad, considering I was writing with a huuuuge handicap.
I had one more category and one more single title almost ready to go, but I just didn’t have the time to finalise their edits.
That’s okay. The ST will be ready in time for RWA’s Single Title And Loving It competition, and the category is going to be The Next Project, with a prospective deadline of late November to be sent to an editor just in time to make the Xmas slush.

I’ve been saying for a while that I didn’t want to enter comps any more, but I love the way the Emerald is set up, and the final judge for the single title part is one of the agents on my Top 10 list.
It’s a long shot, but hey, why not gamble my last $100 on a shot to get read?
My parents are going to be here from next week, so I’ll always have some place to go for food. Muhahahahaha.

Now I just have to finish all MSes, just in case one if them makes it through to the finals.
Once they’re back, the ST will go agent hunting.

Oh, and Monday, Sizzle will finally be off to Brenda Chin. I just need to write the synopsis. Yay! I love condensing my story into two pages. It makes everything look shiny and exciting.

Stay tuned! Good stuff is happening.

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