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Keep your virgins

7. November 2006

Category romance has come a long way since the bodice-ripper times.
Back then, we had the virginal simpering heroine and the ultra-alpha rogueish male.

So why the -bleep- am I still seeing the same stuff? In a Blaze??

I’m sick and tired of reading about virginal heroines and their over-sexed perfect matches. And I am certainly sick to the brim of bloody Blaze stories about the meek Good Girl, who may not *technically* be a virgin any more, but for all intents and purposes is an Innocent until Mr Super Stud comes along and shows her what it’s really like, doing all sorts of dirrrrrrty things to her. Of course, she’s loving it all.

That’s not an issue, people!

Maybe I’m just looking at it the wrong way, but I thought Blazes were supposed to be about highly sensual relationships between complex, real people. Maybe they fell into bed too fast and now have to resolve the issues arising from that. Maybe they found out that sex doesn’t solve everything (oh the horror).
But is the only conflict that arises from sleeping with someone “Oh damn, I shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m in love, but I know the other person made an agreement with me that nothing would come of this, but dang, I want more of that hot stuff”?
Please say it isn’t so.

Have *you* ever slept with someone that you shouldn’t? Was attraction the thing that shot through your head until you two found your happy-ever-after? God, I hope not.

I want sex in these books to make a real difference, not be another plot device.

There are heaps of Blazes out there that get it right. why, oh why are there still so many that don’t?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ModX to throw against the wall as well.

Anyone read any good category romances lately (even ones without sex)?

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