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The nitty-gritty of it

16. November 2006

Yes, I know, I’ve been slow with my postings and I apologise. Deadline heaven is keeping me entertained.
I just got my entries ready and sent off for RWA’s Selling Synopsis contest. I love synopses. A whole story encapsulated is just a very fun thing in my world. We’ll see how it goes. in last year’s comp, I would have made it to second round if I had been smart enough to really read the guidelines. Not just the checklist, which turned out to be false (it’s still false, btw, for those of you that were thinking of entering). People had lots of nice things to say about that synopsis.

This year, I’m entering all three of my category babies – BAM.

I’ve also started compiling a list of literary agents to query in the new year. Very exciting! By then, the YA will be polished and ready to go. I’m so proud of it. it’s by far my best work, I think.

And that’s really all that’s going on right now. Apart from job-hunting (veeeery slowly job-hunting) and kung fu training, I don’t seem to be doing much.
Why is that? Oh yeah, Final Fantasy 12. Silly me.

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