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Bookshops are evil.

23. November 2006

I was just going to buy some milk after training yesterday. But I completely forgot that to get to the supermarket, I would have to pass two bookshops, borders, and an El Cheapo which sells discounted stock.
And I had a Borders voucher about to expire. And the cheapo shop had $3 books.

Bookshops are evil, evil tempters of the unsuspecting milk-buying crowd.

The result: $20 spent on books. On the plus side, it’s four books. On the minus side, none of them were really on my to-get-when-there’s-money radar. And my TBR pile is already double its allotted space.

What can I say? I’m weak. If there’s a book I don’t own, it’s just too tempting to get it.

On a slightly related note, I was listening to a podcast in which some smart person was talking about business principles, and one of them was “Don’t add unless you subtract.”
He utilises this principle in his private life, too. He gave the example of his library. he only adds a book to it if he can remove a (supposedly not as useful) book at the same time, thus not increasing the volume, but always improving (or at least maintaining) the quality. A very sound principle indeed, and something that can be applied to all hoarding aspects of life. CDs. DVDs. Clothes. Shoes. Projects. Word count.

I think this will have to be my new motto. Where could you apply it in real life?

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