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Miss Snark’s Crapometer – go and learn

21. December 2006

I entered Miss Snark‘s Crapometer.
Basically, it means you send her your hook of <250 words and she tells you how much it sucks.
Well, guess what? mine had enough potential that i get to send the opening 750 words of my YA novel!
Whee! I’m so proud.
The feedback I got out of this whole exercise (not just from my entry, but from reading everyone else’s and the comments) has been immensely valuable. My query letters will definitely improve from this.
Now, if only I could also improve my pages…

Wanna see my entry? Give me a comment on what you think of it, and how to improve it.

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  1. Hypergraphia permalink
    21. December 2006 4:34 pm

    I commented on yours! I would read the book as well – you have WONDERFUL potential! I’m a YA author (wannabe) myself so it’s appealing to me anyway. Good luck – I think you have something here!

  2. Stephen Parrish permalink
    22. December 2006 9:59 pm

    I also commented. I’m the one who said, “Follow your heart first, the criticism second.”

    Your writing is fresh and direct. Don’t listen to anyone, ever, who says otherwise. I’m going to be ordering your books from Amazon before long.

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