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Happy New Year!

1. January 2007

We had a great time at our New Year’s get-together. There was food, drink, games and fireworks. i mean… There were no fireworks… <__> Who said that?
These things remind me why I love my friends so much. it was unpretentious and just plain fun to get together, gossip, talk crap and sing horribly off key.

After a nice fry-up breakfast at 12, we played mahjong for four hours. Mahjong makes me happy. So happy, in fact, that it is part of my new year’s resolutions/plans/to-do list.What’s on yours?

Here are my resolutions and plans for 2007:

  • Finish Enter The Parrot
  • Find an agent to represent my YA writing
  • Find a temp agency that can hook me up with regular work
  • Get the lion dance team together and make sure that everything looks professional
  • be a better friend to hte people I’ve neglected
  • Become more active in RWA
  • Enter 10 contests/final in 1 (whichever happens first)
  • Read at least 50 YA books over the course of the year
  • Stoart one YA project
  • Submit two more category romances to Harlequin
  • Plan/write two category romances
  • Move house
  • Find a group of people to play mahjong with regularly
  • Study Canto in a more structured environment
  • Lose 5-10 kg (Come on, everyone wants to lose weight/shape up/whatever in the new year, right?)
  • Clean more
  • Sleep more efficiently, i.e. less but better

Long list.

I know I made resolutions last year, but I have no idea where i hid them, so I can’t actually go back and see what I’ve stuck to. I hope training kung fu was on there, ’cause I did quite well on that one.

But let’s see. things I’ve achieved in 2006?

  • Reads 144 books (finished over 100 of them, too)
  • Wrote one YA novel
  • Wrote 3 category romances
  • Wrote half of a podiobook
  • Graduated from uni after 10 years of study (2 continents, 3 universities + 3 other tertiary education bodies)
  • Recorded over 10 podcast episodes (lol, so few)
  • Went for a kung fu grading
  • Got my Australian Permanent Residency
  • Got my Victorian driver’s license
  • Launched my writer’s website
  • Became a full-time writer
  • Visited a new state

I’m sure I’m missing stuff, but it’s a good list nonetheless. I’m proud. And I know 2007 will be even better! bring it on.

Now it’s your turn. What are you doing for the new year?

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