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Are you The One?

18. January 2007

A lot of things in life are like dating.
Making new friends. Finding an agent. Buying the perfect pair if jeans.
Getting a critique partner.

It’s not much of a secret that I’m currently in the market for a trusted critique partner or two for the YA side of my writing. (I have two very generous and helpful CPs for my category writing)
What do I have to offer? I don’t BS around. I’m (usually) on time. I’m fun (I like to think). I’m giving and caring, but I *will* say the truth (in the nicest way I can think of). I can take criticism. I can take compliments. I am emotional rather than technical (I’ll get hung up on ‘I don’t care’ more often than ‘You need to follow this formula’).

What am I looking for? Someone with a fun, irreverend tone. Someone not afraid to work outside the box and bump stereotypes over the head. Someone reasonably productive. Someone honest and caring.

Ideally, we should be around the same level, somewhere between the finished first few MSes and the first full requests.

On the other hand, I’m a reader whore. If you would like to read any part of my stuff and comment on it, I’ll be happy to trade crits with you, too. As long as you tell me what you want in return. The crit partner equivalent of a one-night-stand, if you will.

Do you know someone for me? Care to matchmake?

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