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4. February 2007

I’ve always been a gamer. From board games to VR, I’ve played them all and loved them.
I’ve enjoyed console gaming from Day One. The only thing I never *really* got into was PC gaming, but that was more a matter of not being able to afford top end machines than anything else. I play *old* games on my PC. Well, mostly.

But lately, I’ve found that it’s harder and harder for a game to get my attention for any significant amount of time. This point is really driven home when I talk to other gamers and what they are excited about.

in the end, the main divide seems to be between graphics and gameplay. To some people, graphics are everything. They’ll forgive a tried-and-true cliche plot (or no plot at all) if the graphics are stunning, smooth and flawless. Some people live for the cinematics. Some for photo-realistic gore.

The other half are all about gameplay. Red dot chasing yellow dot? No problem as long as it’s *fun*.
Now, don’t get me wrong, most people will agree that having both is the best thing that can happen, but which one can’t you live without?

Me, I’m definitely a gameplay person. The last game I really enjoyed for a significant amount of time was Emperor on the PC, a game whose graphics engine was state-of-the-art last century. but it was fun! You build a Chinese empire, complete with special buildings like the Great Wall, and if you have musicians in your town, you can have a dragon parade on Chinese New Year’s. Great times.

We play a lot of games in this house. But I don’t care for most of them. At the moment, I’m really into party games (on the Wii!). because there, gameplay and social fun intersect.

I’ve always loved playing games with friends. Like board games.

How do you like to play?

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