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Ticking time bomb

11. February 2007

I write well to deadlines. let me rephrase that. I write *only* to deadlines.
So I’ve got an egg timer now, and it’s increased my productivity by about 200%. Even when I feel that I’m struggling (and I’ve been feeling like that often last week), looking at that ticking clock is spurning me on. No easy distractions. no getting up for another pot of tea. no internet browsing.
There is only me and the MS for as long as the clock is ticking. It’s fantastic.

I haven’t had a day with under 2,000 words output this last week, and I’ve usually only been writing for two 1-hour stretches. I’m feeling super efficient, and it feels like *craft* (in contrast to art, which I am always wary of). There is no muse. There is just me hammering away at the words. And I can feel myself getting better, like a muscle being worked out even after you’re ready to quit.

I still have to kick myself into starting the timer, but once it’s going, I’m on. It’s a great trick for procrastinators like me. And little by little, the pages add up. Parrot is back up to 240 pages. Which is insanely excellent, I can assure you. Only five more days until it leaves the house. I’m saving up my lunch money for postage (well, kind of).

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