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The uphill battle

14. February 2007

The hard days are the ones that make me feel like a pro. When the words don’t come easily. When it’s more craft than art.
This final fine-tooth edit has been kicking the living shit out of me. I’m tire,d cranky, and convinced this is the worst drivel ever written.

It doesn’t help that the rejections are piling in after my initial wave of successes. I got one today on a partial, and that smarted a lot, because that agency has been signing heaps of new YA clients lately. But what can you do? Form next week, it’s paper submissions for me. I can probably afford about four a month, so we’ll see how that goes.

There are only 10 pges of edits to go, then a lot of typing up. Then the baby is finished! For good, ready to send anywhere finished.
My reward? Pick a new project and start planning that. oh, I can’t wait!

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