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A helping hand

15. February 2007

Writers are fragile creatures. We bitch and moan and weep over harsh words, or sometimes just over the general uselessness that is our sucky selves.
Then all it takes is a kind word, and we’re back on top of the world. Fickle? I’ll give you fickle!

I finished my edits, and I had a feeling fo gloom. This couldn’t possibly be any good. no one would want to read anything this dreadful. I should go and get a job at Target or something. If they’d even hire someone as useless as me.

Then The Boy comes back after reading the first thirty pages, and he gives me the best feedback! No, not glowing praise, but the questions he asked and the suggestions he gave motivated me and helped me work through some things I’d been thinking about. And not just for this book, but for its sequels! This is enormously exciting. ^_^

But today is not a writing day. Today, I’ll be out with fellow creative (though she dabbles in many more things than I do), . It’s going to be hot (36’C/96’F), so we’re off to the shopping centre for some much-needed air-con goodness. Yay!

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