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They *liked* it!

16. February 2007

I got the score sheet for the synopsis contest I entered (and finalled in) a while ago. My understanding is that all our entries are with the final judge right now, but they sent me the score sheet that resulted in said final. I simply assumed I would have scraped in somewhere around position 4-8.
But I came in first! Holy chef on a sizzling hotplate! 91.45% score.
Yes, I do feel mighty awesome.
I can’t wait to hear what the editor says to it! Maybe she’ll want to see the partial (which I was going to send anyway, but shhhhhh)!

Oh, and my second entry came in 9th, so it *just* missed out on being a finalist. by .2%, lol.

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  1. Chick permalink
    16. February 2007 2:30 pm

    Yay!! Huge congratulations.


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