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Another hook

11. March 2007

I submitted the hook of my new project (as yet unwritten) to Rachel Vater at her blog.
Thought I’d share her comments with you, too.

18. FAKE N’ BAKE – YA contemporary
Venice Ng is keeping it real. She knows her exotic beauty makes her an automatic In-Girl, but she doesn’t dwell on it. She’s a total Twinkie (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). She doesn’t even speak Asian! She’s always taken the path of least resistance, dating white boys with Geisha fetishes and pretending to read Chinese gossip mags for the cool factor.
Now it’s time to fake it. Her high school wants Venice to compete in a cooking competition for a place on teen heartthrob and celebrity chef Lockie Hartwood’s latest show. Of course. She’s popular with everybody, she’s a good student, and above all, she could be the Token Asian! Never mind that Venice’s idea of Chinese food is ordering Number 17 at the All-Night Emperor (Slogan “Not even the Great Wall can stop us from delivering. 30 minutes or free spring rolls for you!”). Not to mention that she can’t cook. Seriously. As if she would want to play to that Asian stereotype. But it’s her chance to meet the TV star hottie, and if that means talking to NerdAlert’s brightest, Quinn the manga boy, then so be it. If only he would take her seriously! He seems completely immune to Venice’s charms, practically forcing her to steal his lunchbox and pass it off as her own food creation during the competition.
When Venice and Quinn get paired up to be one of the teams on the show, things go from surreal to bizarre as the contestants battle open flames, weird ingredients and tempers on and off the camera. And what’s the deal with Lockie’s Jekyll and Hyde act anyway?

MY COMMENTS: I love the idea of an American girl who isn’t at all connected to her ethnic heritage… except for when it helps her image. I’m not quite as taken with the cooking element since it seems to take over the plot. But I like the issue of other people’s expectations and assumptions based on appearance and how someone deals with that when they’re as American as apple pie, born and raised in the USA and not different on the inside at all.

I love her character. I love the story. I hope I can make them both work together…

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  1. Stephen Parrish permalink
    12. March 2007 10:32 pm

    Another good hook.

    You’ve got an attractive and unique voice. There’s nothing wrong with the cooking element in the plot; if Rachel doesn’t like it, well, that’s just Rachel.

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