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Group blogs vs. letting the individual shine

18. March 2007

Okay, I read too many blogs. I use Bloglines to keep track of them all, and occasionally, I’ll find a new one to add, or drop one I just can’t be bothered to read any more.
I’ve got my blogs sorted by interest and they’re sort of prioritised. But it made me wonder. Some of these blogs have multiple authors, and they’re very prolific. Presumably, this adds more traffic to the site as it’s an easy one-point stop for people to rad these authors, and they are able to attract a cross-audience.
But I wonder. is that really a good thing? it works for me if the voices are similar and the topics sort of tie in with each other, but more often than not, it seems to be just a random collection of people that don’t have enough to blog about.
Seriously, if I have to rad one more blog post along the lines of “Omigaaaawd, I can’t believe it’s my turn to blog again! What should I blog about? I don’t know! I know. I’ll rehash something I read somewhere else. or talk about procrastination. I am so meta!”
Shoot me now.

I’ve been thinking of group blogging, not so much as replacement, but as addition to my personal blogs. Bringing authors of similar topics together. I’m thinking specifically of authors who write multicultural YA/chick lit.
Do you know any bloggers who fit that description, either individuals or group blogs?

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  1. GeminiWisdom permalink
    22. March 2007 4:23 am

    Not that I know of, but we can start one if you’d like.

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