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Some days, you can’t win

23. April 2007

One of the agents that have read the full MS for Parrots just got back to me, rejecting it. It felt to me that she was on the fence, and the breaking point was the fact that I didn’t grant her an exclusive read at any stage of the submission process.
Which is sad, but understandable. She comes across as a very hands-on agent, which I appreciate, and investing time into something that potentially will make someone else money must be frustrating, to say the least.
But obviously from my end, an exclusive is just not feasible, especially at this stage of the game.

Not that it matters. In the end all it means is that the book wasn’t strong enough for her to take it on regardless. That’s okay. There are still some fulls and partials out there, and after that, I’ll just go the direct route with this project.

And I’m mailing off my romance re-submission request next week.

At least I’ve reached the next step, “not quite there yet, do this and send it to me again”. Step by step… Getting there. ^_^
And I can’t wait to start my next YA once the romance is on its way to London. Hooray for writing!

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  1. GeminiWisdom permalink
    25. April 2007 1:59 am

    By “direct route” you mean go straight to the editors and publishers, right? I’m thinking of doing that myself once I revise Book One. I initially submitted to a lot of agencies in Feb, and two–nearly three-months later, I have yet to get a response.

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