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Catching up

28. May 2007

I’m so hopeless at emails that some of my friends now send me reminders. Charming little one-liner emails saying “Hey, are you still alive? It’s your non-writing friends checking in to see whether you’re still with us!”
It’s bad when writing friends send me the same message.

I used to be really into email. I used to exchange pages upon pages of stuff with one particular friend, and it was awesome. When I was a teenager, I had 40+ penpals (in the grey ages predating the internet, can you imagine such a time?)
Nowadays you’re lucky to get a coherent paragraph out of me.
The reason is, of course, that my life is inherently boring. There is very little variation in my routine, and I always seem to run out of hours before I cn go and have adventures.

I write from about 9 am to about 5 pm Monday to Friday. Sometimes I take a break and walk into the city, catching up on podcasts. I then write more in the city. At 5:30 every weekday except Friday, I meet The Boy and we go to kung fu. We get home some time around 9:30 at the earliest. Usually it’s after 10.
I’m a lousy sleeper, so staying up late is just not an option.
On Saturdays, I do what I think of as miscellaneous work. Judge contest entries, sew kung fu uniforms, do admin. We usually walk to training (which is from 1-3pm), and after training, we might see our friends, or we might just go home. Most Saturday afternoons are spent playing games, either board or console.
Sundays alternate between playing games or reading most of the day, cleaning, and visiting The Boy’s family, an almost two-hour trip each way.
I read blogs if I get up early enough. I read whenever I find a spare moment. I clean when my head is about to explode from PC radiation.

You see why I don’t email? If you asks me what I’ve been doing, I could jsut show you this post. because it doesn’t matter what week it is, this is what I’m doing.

Why am I doing this? To get a body of work. Once one of my books sells, I can say “Hey, look! Do you want these other two books in teh same genre? How about these three in a different genre? Or I can whip up something new. I’m used to writing quickly.”

once I make money from my writing, I’ll be able to change my schedule. Not the writing pat. The rest of it. Because I love the writing dearly. You couldn’t pay me to stop (but you could certainly pay me to keep going… I wouldn’t mind that at all).

So sorry I’m boring. I promise I’ll try and have more adventures ASAP. I’m hungry for adventure, too.

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  1. Celise permalink
    2. June 2007 2:22 am

    Wow. So you write full time? That’s your FT job? I wish I could, but as I was telling Alison Kent on her blog, my creative mojo doesn’t work like that.

    So, hey. I unveiled my new author site today and I’m giving away tons of prizes. Be sure to click on my name for the details.

  2. Kiki permalink
    4. June 2007 2:11 am

    Hey Celise. Love your website! very gorgeous.
    Yeah, I write full-time, even though it doesn’t pay (yet).
    It’s a commitment I’ve made, and I’m fortunate enough to have The Boy to support me until I can take over. ^_-
    I see it as an unpaid apprenticeship, and the more time I devote to it, the faster I’ll get somewhere.
    Hopefully. ^_^

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