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Head space for rent

24. June 2007

I’ve hardly written anything this last week as I’ve been very sick, and sitting in front of a monitor was pure agony. Or doing anything that involved brain function, for that matter. I was one bored cookie this week, I can assure you.

Fortunately, thanks to some vile-tasting medicine, lots of sleep, a family pack of Nurofen + and an ever-purring cat, this morning was the first time I woke up without a mind-shattering headache. Hooray! I can finally get back to work!

I’ve felt horribly unproductive, which probably didn’t help much. So today, I’m catching up, planning my writing schedule for the next fortnight and hopefully getting some stuff done. I’m not going to training tonight, I’m shooting for 5,000 new words. It’ll be my own personal BIAW challenge.

I’ve also got a few magazine article proposals to send (yay income), so it’s time to brew the tea, turn up the heat and get clanking. Did I mention I have a new keyboard after breaking my old one, too?

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