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25. June 2007

I’m wearing my snow pants to work today!
Aaah, the glory of working from home. Yes, it’s freezing in here (I could see my breath getting up), but at least I can put on my gorgeous “home” ski pants and fuzzy socks. My pants are a gorgeous aqua blue, and my socks are pink and very offensive to the killer kitten (as evidenced by a run across the side where she thoughtfully killed the sock so it wouldn’t go bump in the night. She’s so nice….

I only have one more day of drinking disgusting herbs, yay! Although I must admit that they helped much better than Nurofen did. And without the eroded stomach lining. Stupid headaches.

But back to the skiing part of this entry! Because not only am I wearing my happy skiing pants to work today, I also got my flight confirmation for our ski trip! We’re going in late July and it’s going to be awesome. I’ve never been to Hotham before, but I hear since renovating, the place has become very exciting. It’s not New Zealand, but at least it’s (slightly more) affordable. And I’m going to learn to board this year, too!
I need a holiday…

Is anyone else going skiing this winter? Has anyone on the other side of the world been yet?

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  1. Robyn E permalink
    21. July 2007 2:28 am

    Skiing – man that is some serious fun. I’m totally crap at it (hello snow plow) but wish i was going this winter. Have a fabulous time.

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