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Time to read

6. July 2007

I just updated my read-so-far and my to-be-read lists, and gah, there’s a lot of stuff!
So for the next month or two, I’m taking Fridays off to catch up on my readings until my TBR pile at least fits in its allotted shelf again.
It’s a hard, hard life…

In other news, did you know that my name appears on the Contest Divas website? I wouldn’t have known if a former housemate of mine hadn’t emailed me out of the blue today to catch up. She mentioned she’d googled me. Which always makes me slightly paranoid. not the fact that you *can* google me (that’s the whole point of having a website/blog/public persona), but that friends and acquaintances would choose to do so.

So ‘fess up. Have you ever googled people you used to know? Did you get in touch with them? Why?
I’m curious to see her again. Just when I was talking about catching up with people…

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