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Snowboarding is HARD!

24. July 2007

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who can never envision failure until it happens to them.
Hey, I figured out the basics of skiing in one cloudy evening, how much more difficult can it be when your feet are strapped to the same board? After all, my key issue with skiing seems to be that my feet have an intense dislike for each other and refuse to stay any closer together than absolutely necessary.

Turns out though, snowboarding is very much not for the faint of heart (and light of bottom). We spent a delightful day crashing onto various body parts with as much glee as possible.
Pommer lift? CRASH.
Getting off said lift? CRASH.
Getting off said lift after the helpful lift attendant at the top dug a TRENCH to make things more interesting? FACEPLANT.
I’m still not sure why the attendant took a perfectly smooth patch of snow and made a deep, curving trench with her shovel. I suspect she hates beginning skiers and boarders and wants to put them in their place. Which happens to be in the snow. Butt down.

Apart from that, skidding down an almost flat hill on a board is surprisingly fun if you can stay upright long enough for inertia to do its thing.

We’re all battered and bruised, but boy, are we having fun yet.

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