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Back from the snow

30. July 2007

We’re back!

It did get a bit easier, and the boys happily whizzed past me in the skills department, moving on to level 3 lessons while I was still struggling with the staying upright part. But I caught up in the end. We even went down a black run! It was awesome, and scary, and I slid quite a large portion of said black run down on my well-bruised behind.
But all of this can’t top my *other*, unscheduled black run.
You see, at Hotham there is this one place where a nice, reasonably easy blue run veers off to the left, while straight ahead (okay, slightly to the right) is a pretty much vertical drop, euphemistically called a black run.
Everyone else in my group easily swerved to the side, enjoying the blue run ahead. My board, however, had other ideas.
So despite my flailing and very clear commands of “Nonononooooo, not that way, tuuuurn!”, I started sliding towards the edge.
But no problem. After all, after four days on a board, I’m an expert at the butt break. So I tried sitting down. Which caused the board to dig in in protest (sort of like lifting a cat off your lap), causing me to swivel around. I’m now belly-down, face-first and sliding towards the abyss.

What would you do?

I tried digging in the board. Nope. I even risked my hands to slow myself down. Again, nope.
Eventually, my board decided I’d been punished enough and allowed me to skid back around so I could slowly but surely continue my descend, but now board-first.
I’m not quite sure what happened, but eventually, I had found a clawhold in the steep icy mountainside and stopped myself. I was now stuck half-way down a black run I had no intention of getting down.

It was a loooong crawl back up. Now my ribs hurt with every breath (a friendly doctor assured me they probably aren’t broken), I’m battered and bruised, but hey, I’m a boarding babe!
Let’s do it again next year.

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