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Conference roundup – Friday

10. August 2007

Oh my God, I want to have Jenny Crusie’s literary babies.
She’s an incredible workshop presenter. not only is she as hilarious as her writing, she’s also one smart lady.
She talked to us about the four-act structure of the novel, and the conflict grid. both of those were real eye-openers for me, and even though I didn’t take any notes (no time for writing, listening in awe!), I felt like I got a lot out of the workshop.

Then there was lunch. it was the most incredibly over-indulgent all-you-can-eat buffet you could imagine. And while some people beat a hasty retreat at the sight of all the seafood piled on the first table, as far as I could tell, there was something for everybody.
But yes, it was heavy on the seafood side. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It was incredible.

Which was just as well, since the food at the cocktail party that night was variations of deep-fried pastry with meat filling. yes, I know it never claimed to be dinner. But hey, it’s included in the price, I’m eating it. And as far as deep-fried pastry-meat things go, it wasn’t too shabby.
Ah, the cocktail party itself. There were a *lot* of people in masks, which was great to see. There were also a lot of people who were carrying their masks or taking them off half-way through the night. Masks make for an easy costume, but not for easy communication.
And just like at the Melbourne cocktail party, I ended up sitting outside with just one or two people at a time. Which is how I prefer my crowds anyway.

All in all, an incredible day and a fun (and not too long) night. It certainly set a positive tone for the whole conference. Also, the book stall was amazing! Too bad I couldn’t buy anything, there was a lot of good stuff there.

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